The Switch Kick - 3 Variations on the Technique and 4 Tricks

The switch kick is one of the fundamental techniques of Muay Thai. It is a lead leg body kick that can be used both offensively and defensively. When performed correctly, it is both powerful and quick.

The ‘switch’ refers to a quick change in stance to facilitate bringing the lead leg to the rear. By doing this, a fighter positions themselves to throw the body kick effectively and strongly.

However, like all techniques, there are variations—different ways to throw the technique dependent on a fighter’s preferred style, range, and openings. This post is very similar to the one on leg kicks. Read it here to learn all the different ways to chop somebody’s leg to bits.

Today, in the video below, we will review three different ways to throw a lead body kick:

  1. The traditional switch kick: A fighter switches their stance—by performing what looks very similar to a small hop—then throws a body kick.

  2. The step lead body kick: When an opponent is too far away to throw a traditional switch kick, a fighter often has to step forward with their rear leg to set up a kick with their lead leg.

  3. The ‘no-switch’ switch kick: Sacrifice a bit of power for speed. This kick is a lead leg body kick thrown right from a fighter’s normal stance. The leg is thrown with a small step or without any step, switch, or movement.

Tricks from the Switch Kick

Once a technique is established and used effectively, it opens up a wide array of different options. If a switch kick is landing consistently and strongly, it is only normal for your opponent to be on the lookout for it—to anticipate it.

This is the perfect time to fake the switch throwing other techniques that will hopefully land cleanly and effectively. Here are 4 switch kick tricks and fakes that we love.

  1. Double switch - Switch two times into the rear body kick;

  2. Double switch #2 - Switch two times into a cross;

  3. Switch into the teep;

  4. Switch into the leg kick.

Leave a comment here or on our Youtube videos if you have any questions. We love Muay Thai. It’s all we do. We are happy to chat more with any students or prospective students about the switch kick.

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