Four Different Low Kicks --Variation on a Technique | Juniper Muay Thai in Philadelphia

At Juniper Muay Thai, we love low kicks.

A couple well timed low kicks can change the tune of a fight. They can make a boxing heavy opponent hesitant to throw strikes, restrict the movement of a fleet footed opponent who hops in and out of the pocket, and cause enough damage to TKO an opponent who does not properly block.

Don’t believe us? Watch Joe come back from a rough first round to dominate a fight by way of low kicks.

Folks often ask, ‘What is the best way—or right way—to throw a low kick?’. While we certainly have a style that we teach, there are many ways to effectively throw a low kick. Some are quick, used to set up a combination. Others are strong and chopping, used to cause maximum damage. Others judge range and allow a fighter to properly gauge their opponents reactions. Watch the video to see 4 different ways to throw a low kick.

  1. A traditional chopping low kick;

  2. A quick kickboxing style low kick that keeps you in the pocket ready to throw a combination;

  3. Two variations on an inside leg kick: one to gauge range and disrupt your opponent and another to cause damage;

  4. A lean back rear leg kick to stay out of harms way and gauge range (similar to the lean back inside leg kick).