Our Story

Owners and Head Coaches, Joe Logan (right) and George Pitsakis (left.)

Owners and Head Coaches, Joe Logan (right) and George Pitsakis (left.)

Juniper Muay Thai Gym

Owners and head coaches, George Pitsakis and Joe Logan, have been training together for the past six years. Meeting in Philly, Joe had recently returned from Guadalajara, Mexico—where he competed in Muay Thai and ran a Muay Thai Gym Baan Singto Revolution—and George had recently returned to Philly after finishing up university in Boston.

Very quickly they became teammates, sparring partners, and friends—competing, cornering fights, and coaching alongside each other nationally and internationally. With a combined 18+ years in experience, 40+ fights, extensive teaching experience, and competition and cornering both domestically and internationally, the two decided to open a gym.

Juniper Muay Thai Gym’s mission is simple:

Create a safe, clean, and welcoming community-based gym where members of all skill-levels can learn authentic, practical Muay Thai.