Frequently Asked Questions

I have no experience. Can I still join?

Absolutely! Whether your goals are to get in shape, build confidence, or one day step into the ring, Juniper Muay Thai Gym has the right classes and programs for you. Our free Intro class gives folks a solid foundation to jump into any ‘All-Levels’ Muay Thai Class.

How much is it per class?

Membership includes unlimited classes. You can train every day, twice a day, if you wish! For non-members we offer a drop-in rate of $20 a class. For more info on membership click here.

I do not want to physically hit someone. Is Muay Thai not for me?

No members are ever required or pressured to spar or compete. There is never a requirement to spar in any of the ‘All-Levels’ Muay Thai, Women’s Kickboxing, or Kids classes.

What about membership pricing?

Pricing is determined on the program that you sign up for (Muay Thai, Women’s Kickboxing, or Kids Muay Thai). Monthly membership includes unlimited training. There are absolutely no fixed contracts, and there never will be. We offer family discounts at 20% off each additional family member. For more info, drop us a line at 267-764-2112, or here.

I am a woman. If I sign up for the Muay Thai Program can I also attend Women’s Kickboxing Classes?

Yes. 100%.

I want to fight. How quickly can you get me in the ring?

Fighting is a serious endeavor. In the ring, a fighter represents not only themselves, but their gym and teammates. Juniper Muay Thai Gym’s Fight Team will be built on hard-work, trust, and commitment to continued and focused training. Coaches will speak individually with each interested member to guide them along their fight journey.

Can I workout on my own?

The fitness area is open to all members for use during Juniper Muay Thai Gym’s hours of operations. However, any Muay Thai, Kickboxing, or martial arts must be done in a class format for the safety of our members and facility.